Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brand New Baby Boy

A dear old family friend called me up to ask for a cake for a wonderful neighbor of theirs that had recently had a baby boy.  This was a family of girls (3 big sisters!) and so I was asked to make this cake something that they would love just as much as it would celebrate a little brother.  I was given complete creative freedom on this one as well - which I love!  But it can also been a bit intimidating if your plan isn't quite what they had had in mind.  I did get this idea from another cake blogger and changed it enough to reflect my vision of the cake.  The nest was fun to make - it was made out of fondant and filled with toasted coconut.  The cake was a dark chocolate cake with a (REALLY YUMMY) raspberry filling and Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.

St. Patrick's Day Fun

I was hired to make 175 mini cupcakes for my sisters company, Critical Mass, for their St. Patrick's Day celebration.  I was given pretty much free reign on what I wanted to do for flavors and decorations.  Following the St. Patty's day tradition of lots and lots of drinking I started with Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes.  There were a Guiness infused dark chocolate cake with an Irish Whiskey Genache Filling and a Baileys Buttercream frosting.  CAN YOU SAY MMMMMM???  I got the recipe here if anyone wants to re-create them!  Sooo good!  The second cupcake that I made was a Grand Marnier infused Vanilla Bean Cupcake with a Grand Marnier Vanilla Simple Syrup and a Grand Marnier Vanilla Bean Buttercream.  These were so light and fresh tasting...mmmm again!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another Cars Party!!

I made these cupcakes for a little mans birthday party.  I have got to say, I can't believe I get paid to have so much fun!

Double Party!

So this cake was for a great friend whose husband was turning 38 the same time that they were welcoming a beautiful little girl into their family.  It was a quick HEY WE NEED A CAKE, Cake! fun to combine motorcycles and 8 year old artsy fartsiness!  (Ya, it's a word, check the Hayley dictionary!)


So this was a crazy lego cake for my favorite little man in the whole world...who just so happens is completely addicted to lego!!  And no lego cake is complete without a legoman and his fiercely scary helmet!  I saw in primary colors for a week after this cake...sigh...

 The little lego men were made out of chocolate - painful and labor intensive!!