Monday, July 23, 2012


What an absolutely blast of a cake to make.  I loved making this one from start to finish.  Well...all except for the Statue of Liberty - she was NOT kind to me - must remember to let these things set for days, not hours.  Still, all in all I loved the end result of this cake.


Bridal Shower Pink

This cake beat me up from start to finish!  I was soooo excited to make a purse cake.  And even more excited that I got to do a purse/suitcase combo!  I started out by making the purse which I loved.  The suitcase came next.  This was made during the 30 degree week which to anyone that makes cakes in an un-airconditioned place knows is a nightmare.  So the suitcase started out beautiful.  Solid, smooth and beautiful.  And then the heat started getting to it.  And the sides sadly did buckle a bit.  I was heartbroken.  In the end, not my best work but all in all I think that it still looked beautiful.