Monday, January 13, 2014

A Little Niece Love

This was my last pre-baby cake.  I made it for my nieces 1st birthday.  How could I pass up a first birthday party cake?  And the beautiful part of it all is that when I make a cake for my sister I have total artistic freedom.  Such a beautiful thing!  So here's her sweet cake.

For the Love of a Puppy

So my very sweet brother-in-laws mom called for a cake for her neighbor who was turning 50!  Her only request?  It just HAD to center around her two beloved dogs!! it is!

And did I mention once again that I was pregnant while making it?  Hence the total baby brain in the upside down shingles.  Yowzers. 

Summer Weddings!

So, did anyone tell you how hard doing cakes was when your are VERY pregnant and EXTREMELY tired??  Well, let me tell's not easy!  I had two weddings this summer.  The first one was just for cupcakes and a small cutting cake.  The brides colors were black, white and lime green.  She wanted a black flower on all of the cupcakes and the stencil on the cutting cake.  I've never done a stencil before so I was super nervous but it turned out really well!  I didn't get a chance to get great photos of either of these cakes as I was so tired when I was done that I just forgot all about photos! #1

Wedding #2 was WAYYYYY more difficult.  It was like 100 degrees outside and the bride wanted CREAM CHEESE ICING!  Cream Cheese!  So, cream cheese gets super soft under fondant and softens it - resulting in wrinkles.  The top and bottom tier of this cake were covered in much sturdier icings but the middle, which had the cream cheese, did start to wrinkle a bit from the house to the event.  I was soooo dissapointed.  I've made a new rule that I won't do cream cheese under fondant for weddings.  It's just too touchy.  But I still like how the cake turned out.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quit Clownin' Around!

Sweet Nieces Love Sweet Cakes. I have to admit, the clown does look a 
little sad...he wasn't supposed to though - he was supposed to look goofy. 
Gotta work on that look!!


Cat In The Hat Cake

Okay, I have to say that this is one of my ALL time
favorite cakes.  I LOVE Dr. Seuss and so when I got the request
for a smash cake I couldn't resist!!
Now...I put the picture in at the end to prove that us cake makers
definitely make mistakes sometimes.  It was late, I was tired...there's really no excuse!!

Barbie Princess

Simple and sweet Barbie Princess Cake.

Boys and Their Cars!!

Boys just love the Cars movie! I get ALOT of requests for a 
Mr. Lightning Mcqueen! This was my best one.


Mater Mania!

My name is tuh-mater, but without the "tuh".

Monday, March 18, 2013

Another Sweet First Birthday!

So this customer loved the "ELLA" Cake that I had made last year.  The one with Sophie the Giraffe on top.  But she wanted a couple more animals.  Love how it all came together!

The Accompanying Cupcakes

Monkey Business!!

The customer saw a cake like this and fell in love with it.  I Love how mine turned out.  So bright and fun!  Those bananas sure took alot of time though!  But I sincerely loved making this cake.  Hope everyone likes it!



Saturday, February 16, 2013

Monster Bash!!

LOVE how this cake turned out. I was given a picture of the party theme and was told that she loved the sesame street cake design and I got to go to town from there! Love how it turned out!

This was the party inspiration that I was given

Dora and Diego

So I've had alot of twin birthdays this last couple of months!  This one was for an old friend.  Love old friends - but the pressure is on to really bring it!  I didn't want to disappoint.  I like how it turned out...I would probably change a couple of things now but still like the end result!


WHAT??  The maker makes a rare appearance!! 

18th Birthday Party

What can I say...your 18th is uh...interesting!