Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lego here, Lego there...Lego Lego Everywhere!

So this little man, like so many others, is completely addicted to Lego.  His mom wanted Lego cupcakes for him but they really did not want a whole fondant top.  So I used White Chocolate Ganache for the cupcakes and did small fondant decorations that could be removed.  I had to use white chocolate so that I could tint it in the colors that she wanted.  Not the best with the flavors picked, but not bad.  I made Red Velvet Cupcakes and Oreo Cupcakes with an oreo baked right in.  


Then I got to have some fun decorating.  It was my first time ganaching cupcakes - I tried so hard to get them as smooth as fondant - and I think they turned out really well!  Not as even and sharp on the sides but the tops were really smooth.

Cancerversaries and Zombies

So last week marked the one year anniversary of my brothers cancer surgery.  Hence why we call it his cancerversary.  Because one year ago the surgeon removed hopefully all of his cancer, never to be seen again!!  It was such an incredibly hard year for him so what better way to celebrate the end of this year then with zombies eating your guts??  WHAT??!?!?!  So we thought that we would throw a huge party to celebrate his cancerversary and I offer to make him a cake.  But what does he want?  Zombies!  Really??  Yup, zombies.  And Zombies eating some part of my body please Hayley!!  Uhhh...okay...Zombies you get!

Chicks Can Play Karate Too!!

This cake was for a little girl who LOVES karate.  She's a green (camo) belt with this orange stripe in it so I incorporated it into the cake.  And funny enough the belt was probably the hardest thing on the cake!  It started off very camouflaged and slowly started getting more and more muddled green as I had to keep taking it off the cake and re-rolling it.  It's funny sometimes what causes you problems and what doesn't.  This was also the first time in a LONG time that I've done people.  I was so rusty at it but I'm getting back into the groove.  Hope she loved it!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Little Hannah Turns 9...

 So my baby turned nine this week.  She wanted a Paris themed party for her and her little girlfriends so that's what we did.  I made French Macaroons - lemon and raspberry, Eiffel Tower Cookies, Lemon Cupcakes and a Rose Covered Cake.  And to round out the table I got her baby pink roses and candy candy candy.

The Fastest Car Ever

So I was asked to do this cake very last minute so I managed to whip it up in record time.  I had 6 hours from eggs cracking to putting it into the box.  It was actually a little lopsided but not enough to be crazy noticeable.  David's dad loves his new BMW so a BMW he got!



These cupcakes were for a little girls first birthday party.  Her mom asked me to match the flowers to the design on the plates that she bought.  Simple and pretty.