Saturday, May 5, 2012

Circus Circus!!

So I was hired to do a three tier cake for a little girls 7th birthday party.  There was going to be about 80 people at the event so needless to say the pressure was on to create something beautiful.  So the client and I settled on a design that was really great and I set about trying to figure out how to do a topsy turvy cake.  I did my research, I carefully planned everything through and I thought that I had it in the bag!  I made the topsy turvy cake and thought that everything was fine.  As I was putting on the final touches the night before it was due I noticed the top tier pulling away from the middle tier.  And as I watched - to my horror - the cake slowly slid more and more until the middle cake gave out.  At this point I was completely devastated.  I had had little things go wrong with cakes before that took and hour or two to fix but this was something else completely.  It was 11pm at night and I was out of alot of my basic ingredients to rebake this cake.  My husband being the amazing man he is went out and found an open store and got me a few of the items that I needed.  Amidst plenty of tears I set out to start over again.  But the cake was due in 9 hours.  I was able to salvage the bottom tier of the cake as well as my popcorn and animals.  I felt absolutely horrible as now I had to inform the client that there may be a  problem with her daughters cake.  I had serious doubts about what I could accomplish given the time restraint.  But...I still managed to pull it off.  And I actually like it better the second time around.  It's not as topsy turvy but it's still the vision that the client and I had for the cake.  9 hours of working later and really down to the minute I finished cake #2.  And here it is...


The customer wanted 7 cupcakes to round the cake for candles


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