Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Learning at SAIT

So this summer and fall I have been taking some classes at SAIT to see if the Baking and Pastry Arts degree is the direction that I want to go.  They were a little more entry level than I was expecting but so much fun nonetheless.  It's been nice to get out and meet some women with similar interests and get some ideas on how to bring creativity to my baking.  Here's a sample of some of the things that we've done in class.

This was to teach us how to use buttercream instead of fondant.  And obviously how to make buttercream roses.  I LOVED my roses until I had to transfer them to the cake.  They kindof fell apart as we didn't have enough time for them to set up.  They're still pretty though!

These are kindof like the butterfly's that I made for my cupcakes, only much straighter and defined.  I don't know...I kinda like my whimsical ones better!

 I LOVED this cake.  It's so simply beautiful.  Tricks with Royal Icing.  Simple and Beautiful.

This was just slopped on very quickly as we were out of time.  It was just an extra that the instructor said that we could do around the cake.  I like it better without.
This was such a fun class...I'm glad that I did it.

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